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'Fall is such a great time of year; the leaves are changing, the sweaters come out, and pumpkin is used in almost everything. With the cold, comes spiders and other bugs trying to get into your homes, so try to take every precaution necessary to eliminate unwanted pets! I will post something up on my tricks and tips to show you all some homemade ways of making sure your home is spider, ant, and crawly free. Have you all looked at the newest fall trends for scentsy yet? They are amazing, and their holiday and fall catalog is finally released so everyone can see all the cute neat things that they have to offer. I hope you all will enjoy some of the recipes I will share on this site and I truly hope you will look at scentsy as a safe option to make your homes smell wonderful, and have memories filled with wonderful scents. If you would like to check out my scentsy site feel free to click here.
I couldn't believe it. I logged into my Scentsy account and found that they are having a 10% off sale on EVERYTHING!!! I got six whole bars for 22.50! It was awesome. Plus they are discontinuing scents. But don't you worry I have sampled all of the fall/winter scents and they are divine. I love fall. I can't get enough of it. The house always smells so welcoming and full of love. If you guys want to take advantage of this sale go to and shop away. You can also access the closeout section that has a ton of stuff on sale!!!! Trust me I love a sale just as much as the next person and I know a lot of people believe scentsy is too expensive but it really is worth it. At least go there and check it out! What's that gonna hurt, except for your wallet when you love it :)! Also if you are thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a Scentsy consultant. This month only they are offerring a double kit!!! Its 99 dollars to start as always but you get all the fall and winter along with all the spring and summer scents in testers and all the catalogs for both!!! I love being a consultant and I would love to answer any of your questions if you have any!!! 
So let me ask you this, is it true, or not true that being a mom, a homemaker, and a wife can be very frustrating? My answer to that question is YES!!! There are days where I just wanna wave my white flag and surrender, but of course I don't. Most people let out frustration in a variety of ways. This girl lets it out through cleaning. I love to clean. I will scrub, mop, vacuum, and wipe away all my frustration. Just give me the bleach and a sponge and let me go. This can be very helpful for someone with a short temper. If you haven't tried it, you should. Plus once the house is all done you feel better about yourself, and feel more comfort in the fact that you accomplished something rather than had a breakdown moment. Frustration can stem from anywhere, as a mother of two and a wife I find that sometimes it just builds up and one day I feel like I am going to explode. We have so much on our plates if you really think about it. We have to make sure that kids are having great days at home, we must make sure that the house is spick and span, we have to take care of the finances (may not apply to all of you), we have to cook, and just pretty much balance everything we possibly can to keep our house holds running in a smooth matter. Just think about it for one second. I bet you have left for a couple hours to do something, or maybe went on a trip somewhere and left the kids with your husband. How many of you dread the moment you are going to walk through that door because you know the house is going to be a mess! I know I do. So when frustration gets you down, pick up a sponge or a mop and get to it! I promise you, it will help you!
What's the first thing you notice when you walk through someone else's door? Me, I notice the smell of the home. There is no better feeling than walking into someone's home and wanting to know what that amazing smell is. If a home smells good, no one will question the cleanliness. I cannot tell you how many time I have walked through someone's front door and been greeted by a stale, dirty, or terrible smell. In that instance, my first thought is to make whatever I have to do be done as quickly as possible. Have you ever had an experience like that?

The most challenging thing for me as a student, stay at home mom, homemaker, and wife is to balance everything. Everyone knows and understands how hectic life can be, but your family and your home should always come first. A well maintained home is one that is missed when you are away. One that, when you walk through the door you know that you can kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy spending time with your family and making memories. If you have children, maintaining a clean, good smelling home, is extremely important. You pass on good and bad habits to your children, and I don't know about you, but I like to pass on the good ones, and keep the bad ones to a minimum.